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Experience the Thrill of Kayaking in Munroe Island

Embrace adventure and explore the scenic waterways of Munroe Island with our diverse Kayaking experiences. At Kalloos Island, we invite you to discover the beauty of these backwaters through our tailored kayaking adventures.

Variety of Kayaking Options

Choose your preferred kayaking style:

Single Kayaking: Set out on a solo expedition and navigate the tranquil waters at your pace. Enjoy the tranquility and freedom of the backwaters.

Twin and Triple Kayaking: Share the adventure with your companions as you paddle together. Strengthen bonds and create lasting memories amidst nature's serenity.

Refreshing Welcome Drinks and Fresh-up Area

Your adventure begins with a warm welcome! Upon arrival, savor refreshing welcome drinks to kickstart your experience. Additionally, our fresh-up area ensures your comfort before and after your kayaking adventure.

    Flexible Pricing

    We offer affordable pricing options for your convenience:

  • Single Kayaking:
    INR 2501hr
    INR 4502hr
  • Double Kayaking:
    INR 3501hr
    INR 6502hr
  • Triple Kayaking:
    INR 4501hr
    INR 8502hr

Embark on Your Kayaking Journey

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Munroe Island's backwaters while paddling through these mesmerizing landscapes. Explore hidden corners and capture the essence of nature's tranquility with our guided kayaking tours.

Book Your Kayaking Experience

Indulge in the thrill of Kayaking in Munroe Island with Kalloos Island's tailored services. Whether you're seeking a solo adventure or a group outing, our kayaking experiences cater to all preferences.

Contact us today to book your kayaking adventure! Let us be your guide as you navigate the waters and create unforgettable memories amidst Munroe Island's natural splendor.