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Cycle Rental

At Kalloos Island Backwater Resort, we offer an exciting Cycle Rental service for guests to explore the captivating Munroe Island at their own pace. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings as you pedal through quaint villages, coconut groves, and lush landscapes. Our well-maintained cycles are perfect for both leisurely rides and adventurous exploration, making it an ideal way to connect with nature and experience the charm of Munroe Island up close.

Whether you wish to take a solo ride or embark on a cycling expedition with friends or family, our Cycle Rental service allows you to create your own adventure. Traverse the tranquil backroads, feel the gentle breeze on your face, and uncover the hidden gems of Munroe Island. With our convenient rental process and helpful staff, cycling enthusiasts and casual riders alike can indulge in a memorable experience during their stay at Kalloos Island Backwater Resort. Discover the joy of cycling in Munroe and let the pedals take you on a journey of discovery and delight.